Do you want to join the Camp Harding staff? Please fill out our Mail in FormVolunteer Verification form and our Safe Environment for all Form.


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Job Descriptions:


Camp Director: Must be at least 21 years of age. Responsible for the planning of the camp program prior to camp and the leadership of the camp program and staff during camp. This is a leadership role, an organizational role as well as a spiritual role where you will set the tone for the camp as a place of Christian fellowship and learning.

Assistant Director: Assists the director in daily duties.

Chaplain: Is responsible for planning and leading daily Christian teaching sessions, worship, and the general spiritual life of the camp.

Arts & Crafts Coordinator: Is responsible for planning and leading daily Arts & Crafts sessions. Any teaching connected with the craft needs to reflect the Christian faith as taught in the Bible.

Counsellor: Must be at 18 years or older. Counsellors live with and take care of campers. Nobody matters more in a camper’s life. A counsellor is parent, teacher and best friend while at camp. The counselor will have a cabin they will be responsible for.

Cook: Is in charge of preparing and cooking meals and ensuring that camp meals are healthy and enjoyable. Must have a current Safe Food Handling Certificate and cooking experience. Camp Harding will cover the cost of the required training course.

Cook’s Assistant: Assists in meal preparation and kitchen duties.

Camp Nurse/First Aider: Supports everyone’s health and safety. Must have a current Red Cross certification in First Aid and CPR.

Lifeguard/Waterfront Coordinator: Works with the director to plan safe waterfront activities. Ensures the safety of all camp participants during waterfront activities. Must be a NLS qualified lifeguard.


All Staff must clear a Police Record Check.

Staff Children Policy: If your child is within the age range for the camp you are attending your child will be a fully participating camper at that camp. Please register your child using a camper registration form. The registration fee will be waived on a one child per staff member basis. If you are bringing a preschooler or child that is younger than the age range for the camp you are attending, he/she will not be a camper at the camp and therefore will not participate in camp activities with the campers. The camp will not be responsible for providing childcare and activities for this child. Be prepared to bring a childcare provider to care for your child while you carry out your camp duties. Please make us aware of any extra people you hope to bring with you for planning purposes.